EMS Workout

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Training stands for...

Efficient Fitness Training

50,000 Muscle Contractions in 20 Minutes

If you take only the amount of muscle contractions it would take up to 4 hours in the gym to achieve the same results. Electric Muscle Stimulation is a High Intensity Training, suitable for all ages (18-99).

Gentle on Your Joints!

No Weights Needed

Via our fitness training you reach the type 2 muscles, which is responsible for building up muscles. And this without any weights! Do it like the Pro Athletes who use this training methods since decades!

Maximum Convenience, Minimum Hassle!

No sports Bag and Attire needed!

At Impulse and XBodyImpulse we provide all sports attire. Come as your are. No sports packing. You can book our sessions any time you want without carrying heavy sports bag with you!

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