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Impulse Studio Malaysia celebrating Hari Raya
Impulse Studio Malaysia had its open house on the 15th of June. We are happy to make so many clients in Asia fitter faster with our unique fitness workouts concepts.
Impulse Studio expanding rapidly around the globe
Impulse opened two new studios in Mashhad and Antalya. Impulse Studio operates 13 studios in Malaysia, Germany, Turkey, China, Oman and Iran. The services for the Impulse Licensees include own
New Impulse Studio in Germany opened!
Impulse Studio opened its 1st Impulse EMS Studio in Constance We are very proud to announce the opening of the 1st Impulse Studio in the beautiful city of Constance, Germany.
Impulse uses only the best Fitness equipment
Best quality for our Impulse clients We at Impulse Studio only uses products produced by the best fitness providers in the market. Our Equipment is produced in Europe or South
Fitness at KL Sentral
IMPULSE STUDIO PLATINUM SENTRAL “PLATINUM” Standard Training Here at platinum training, We provide “Platinum” Standard training. We have many reasons why Impulse studio platinum Sentral is an ideal workout spot.
Why should I Impulse? Impulsing… Impulse (EMS) Training is the most efficient, with over 50,000 muscle contractions in one session. If you take the same amount of muscle contractions it
Try our Impulse Training. We have currently 10 Impulse Studios worldwide and growing. Try one of our Trainings eighter in Middle East, Malaysia, China, Germany or Turkey. You will not
Neue EMS Software and App
Du schaust Dich nach einer EMS Software fuer Studio Management um?! Die EMS software…dann bist du hier richtig. Wir haben eine einmalige software und app ausschliesslich fuer EMS Studios entwickelt. Mit ueber
Impulse opened its first EMS Studio in Turkey Antalya
Impulse Studio opened in the heart of Antalya the first EMS Studio in Turkey and Middle East, with more to follow. Antalya is a Turkish holiday destination. There are countless
Impulse Studio goes Germany! First EMS Studio
First EMS Studio powered by Impulse Studio in Germany Impulse Studio launched their German website for Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The first Impulse Studio is expected to open in the
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