Impulse Studio opens in Oman, Muscat

We are proud to announce that Impulse Studio opens its first EMS Studio in the beautiful country of Oman. We will be opening in the heart of Muscat, one of the most amazing cities in the Middle East.

Get a XBody Demonstration Device for EUR 6,000

Impulse Studio offer a unique offer for a Newave XBody Demonstration Machine for only EUR 6,000. If you provide us the promo code “10%offxbody” we give an additional 10% off! Click on the link below for this fantastic offer. Get this offer 

Wake Up, Sugar is a Drug!

The food industry turns over billions and billions with sweats and lots of sugar. No comments from them that sugar harms your health massively. A big food lobby supports this industry. But you can change it,  change your life and cut your sugar intake. For example a Mocha Frappuccino® Blended Coffee exceeds 3 times the daily…

Fitness App for EMS Studios coming soon

Impulse Studio will be launching the booking, fitness tracking and nutrition advise app in Malaysia. The app was developed from scratch and is the first app for EMS Studios not based an a ready to build platform. Impulse Studio developed the app for more than a year to get the best for its customers. Download…

Avoid Overtraining!

Spending hours at the gym, sweating the pounds off from cardio to weight-lifting to core training in one day. Sounds familiar? When you to this constantly, you are actually overtraining. Too much of those things can harm your body than doing any good.   How to know when you are overtraining?   When you overtrain…

Second EMS study conducted in Malaysia.

…not only top German and America universities proof the high efficiency of Impulse (EMS) Training. Relationship between electromyostimulation and free weight exercises in multiple repetition maximum strength test R. N J R Hussain, K. M. Kee, R. Razman, S. I. Ismail, M. Shari, N. M. Ideris Faculty of Sports Science and RecreationHealth and Wellbeing Research…

World Boxing Champing Ramirez…

Angel H. Ramirez only can do impulsing for 20 sec. It’s that intense! Over 50,000 muscle contractions in one session. There is no other fitness workout worldwide which is more efficient.

Yes it’s painful

But what a reward. I just love it. Impulse Training is so intense. You feel every muscle contraction and there are 50,000 in one session. But you feel great afterwards. You feel you really workout. It feels like you did a 90 minutes intense functional workout without any break. Afterwards you feel so happy and…

EMS Boutique Studio in KL

You want to find a fitness studio purely concentrates on EMS Training. Impulse Studio has 4 fitness centres in Bangsar, KL Sentral, Bukit Bintang and Damansara Perdana. Impulse totally focus on ems and is the only expert in electric muscle stimulation certified by the European EMS Trainer Institute

Real Madrid Star Karim Benzema is Impulsing

The ability to target the explosive and powerful Type II fibers has captured the attention of the sports and athletic community to EMS training with sports celebs such as Karim Benzema and Usain Bolt incorporating EMS training within their traditional training modalities to elevate performance. Train like the pro athletes. Keep fit with impulse training.