Avoid Overtraining!

Spending hours at the gym, sweating the pounds off from cardio to weight-lifting to core training in one day. Sounds familiar?

When you to this constantly, you are actually overtraining. Too much of those things can harm your body than doing any good.


How to know when you are overtraining?


When you overtrain your body, you will constantly feel pain and soreness. Yes, to feel sore for a day or two after a workout is good but if you constantly feel pain and sore, you’re probably pushing yourself too much. You can fall sick too if you workout excessively.

Another sign of overtraining is also when you lose too much weight. This leads to depression, feeling fatigue all the time, and difficulty concentrating.

Impulse Training is the solution!

With Impulse training, you don’t have to worry about overtraining at all! Only 20 minutes of Impulse training per session is enough and you can do it 2 times a week only, or else you will overtrain your body. Impulse training saves time and it is efficient!

Our body needs rest after feeling sore from working out. We need to exercise for good health, but don’t go overboard or you carry a risk of injuries.


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