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XBodyImpulse stands for High Quality Materials

Engineered and Designed in Europe

Train wireless or wired, the choice is yours! You can operate the EMS machine by touchscreen! The most flexible EMS device. Experience the difference!

Our Mission and Vision

for High Quality EMS Training

 …is to provide the best EMS Training Equipment for EMS Studios, for a smooth operation and low operation costs. We put all our experience of our own Impulse and XBodyImpulse Studios in the development and manufacturing of the EMS Machines.

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What is EMS Training?

EMS stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation Training

Electric Muscle Stimulation originated 2000 BC. The Romans used eels for treating their back and shoulder problems. Eels produce electric current (around 40Hz), similar to EMS. More than 2,000 years later the EMS made a huge step ahead. Via computer based  technology you can target all kind of muscles and stimulate it to the desired results. We at XBody Impulse believe to make this technology even better. Train with the market leader and GIVE A PULSE TO YOUR LIFE!

EMS Studio Software

The only pure EMS Studio Software on the the fitness market. You can book, pay, track your fitness sessions and success via the backend and frontend software.

EMS Training Studio Software

for Booking, Payments and Easy Operations

We developed the EMS Studio Management & CRM Software including App for Google Play and Apple Store. Our mission is to create a software that provides the daily operational needs for running a smooth EMS Studio operation. We conducted over 100,000 EMS Training. We included our experience, expectations, skills and requirement in this unique EMS management software. We want to share it with you and your clients.

Flexible Online Booking

either shared or one to one sessions

Your client can book either by trainer or by type of sessions (1 to one or shared session), providing an efficient booking system of your available slots.
Client can easily reschedule and cancel the session(s). The rules are set by the studio owner.
Email confirmation for booking, rescheduling or cancellation to clients.


all relevant personalized fitness data

Your client can keep record of all the conducted EMS sessions…with whom he trained, when and in which studio. Your client can rate the training on certain criteria. Who is your best performing trainer?! The client can upload all the body measurement sheets, sorted by date. Via the health calculator you can calculate the relevant Skeletal Muscle Mass. You can advise your clients on nutrient and diet via our video in build functions.


doesn't matter which payment system

Let the client purchase packages via paypal or credit card. Easy monitoring on status of purchased packages / memberships, sessions. No more paper work…invoice will be automatically sent to client upon purchase of package. Track your payments in real time, know the status of your turnover and amount and kind of sold packages

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