Get Fitter Faster with Electric Muscle Stimulation Training


Experience Results

  • Shape your body as you desire.
  • Everything is possible, because your body can do more than just simply exist.
  • With Impulse (EMS) Training, we can push your body to the max!
    • Muscle growth
    • Reduction of body fat
    • Improvement of health condition
    • Body shaping
    • Belly, legs and bottom optimization
    • Optimization of hip-waist ratio
    • Optimization of breast-waist ratio


Shape Your Body

  • It is never about weight loss, instead focus more on fat loss which never been so easy with Impulse Training. Yo-yo effect is excluded because we believe in maintaining the weight you have achieved.
  • Weight loss plan
  • Set new and truly realistic goals
  • Achieve desired weight
  • Maintain ideal weight
  • Reduction of risk factors
  • No yo-yo effect
  • Bikini figure, I come
  • Increase of self-confidence
  • Improvement of body awareness


Healthy Back

  • Strong muscles are the pillar of a healthy back. You build not only your muscles, but Impulse (EMS) Training stabilizes and takes care of the muscular imbalances in the body too. The benefits are, the pain is less excruciating or can even disappear; and your posture improves.
  • Strong back muscles in record speed
  • Strong back – less pain
  • Prevention of poor posture
  • Reducing the wear out risk
  • Preservation and improvement of the musculoskeletal system
  • Right balance of muscular system


Fit for Daily Life

  • Workouts have to fit in between meetings, friends and family to achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle. The solution: effective, fast and focused training. Impulse (EMS) Training provides the maximum fitness results in minimum time!
  • More energy
  • More endurance
  • Higher mobility
  • Compensation of age-related strength loss
  • Able to master loads better
  • Prevention of injuries
  • Protection against physical wear out risk
  • No more overworking or exhausting your body


Improve Your Performance

  • No matter what sports you love to be engaged in, with Impulse (EMS) Training you will do it even better. Impulse (EMS) Training is used in professional sports for the effective increase in performance for decades.
  • The result: a much higher performance level in record time!
    • Higher, faster, stronger
    • Protection against sport-specific injuries (prevention)
    • Football: faster acceleration and better body coordination
    • Basketball: more strength and power in bouncing skills
    • Badminton, Tennis: better basic stamina and clout
    • Golf: better body control and balance
    • Table tennis: more stability and higher speed
    • Riding: better balance on the saddle
    • Athletics: more bounce and endurance…